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GLAM Career Board & Recommended Career Paths


These are a list of open positions that we either researched or was presented to me from employers who for my clients who are serious about their careers. If you are interested in any of the positions that are on our site, please get in contact with the person who is listed for that job opening, If no one is listed email me at for more details! Please allow 3-5 business days for a follow-up from careers that have GLAM as the contact. Best of wishes! 

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Source: Employer Referral
Transportation by Celestine LLC
Company Type: Trucking
Position: Dispatcher
Pay: Unknown
Contact: Christopher Celestine 504-276-9877

Source: Indeed
Elite Claims Consultants LLC
Company Type: Insurance
Position: Auto Claims
Pay: $70k-90K yr
Contact: Apply via Indeed Website

Recommended  Career
Licensed Claims Adjuster
Pay: 50k+ annually
Qualifications: All Lines Adjuster 6-20 / High School Diploma

Source: Indeed
Healthcare Support Company Type: Healthcare
Position: Remote Member Outreach Representative
Pay: Unknown
Contact: Apply via Indeed Website

Recommended  Career
Truck Driver
Pay: 70k+ annually
Qualifications: CDL, Clean driving record

Recommended  Career
Independent Claims Adjuster
Pay: 100k+ annually
Qualifications: Love the travel industry
Benefits: Be your own boss,  work from anywhere1



"I'm Looking For Work But Don't Know Where to Begin."

We have helped our clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let us help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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Interview tips

GLAM Interview Prep & Tips

Examine the job description thoroughly.


You should utilize the employer's advertised job description as a guide during your preparation. The job description is a list of the qualifications, qualities, and experience that the employer seeks in an applicant. The more you can match yourself with these aspects, the more qualified you will appear to the employer. The job description may also provide you with ideas for questions to ask the company during the interview.

Think about why you're interviewing and what qualifications you have.


You should have a strong grasp of why you want the job and why you're qualified before the interview. You should be ready to explain why you're interested in the position and why you're the ideal candidate for it.

Prepare for mock interviews.


Interview preparation, like public speaking, is the most effective strategy to reduce nervousness and boost confidence. Practice may seem tiresome at first, but going through the interview process several times can make you more comfortable and help you make the best impression possible.

Make a hard copy of your resume.


Although most employers want digital copies of your resume along with your application, they may not have easy access to it during the interview. Having various versions to present to different interviewers demonstrates that you are well-prepared and organized. At least three copies should be available for numerous interviews, plus one for yourself to follow along with.

Investigate the company and its role.


Researching the organization you're applying to is a crucial aspect of interview preparation. It will not only help you prepare intelligent questions for your interviewers, but it will also help you create context for your interview dialogues.

Take a look at your responses to popular interview questions.


While you won't be able to anticipate every question you'll be asked during an interview, you can prepare replies for a few typical ones. Consider creating an elevator pitch that briefly summarizes who you are, what you do, and what you desire. You should also prepare to discuss your salary expectations, just in case. Visit Indeed's Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry and experience.


Become more comfortable with your speaking voice and body language.

During the interview process, it's critical to make a positive and lasting impression. You can achieve this by speaking with a confident, loud voice and using welcoming, open body language. While these may come naturally to you, you should practice them with trusted friends or family members or in front of a mirror. Take extra care with your grin, handshake, and stride.

Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer (s)


Many employers have high regard for candidates who ask insightful inquiries about the firm and the job. Take some time before the interview to prepare a few questions for your interviewer(s) that demonstrate you've done your homework on the firm and are knowledgeable about the role. Here are some examples of questions you could ask:

  • What does a day in the life of someone in this job entail?

  • Why do you like working here so much?

  • What are the characteristics of your most successful employees?

  • This opportunity has piqued my interest, and I've appreciated learning more about it. What are the phases in the hiring process after that?

Make travel plans in advance.


Most individuals find job interviews stressful for a variety of reasons, but getting to the interview can be a problem in and of itself. Finding your way around and making sure you are on time might be a source of anxiety if your interview is in a strange location or even a new city.

Prepare yourself to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the meeting to prevent being too anxious for your commute.

  • Leave early

  • Save the interview contact information

  • Search the location in advance

Sell yourself


Selling oneself is one of the most difficult aspects of an interview. Most individuals are uncomfortable with this concept, yet truthfully and positively presenting yourself does not have to seem like a sales pitch. When preparing for a job interview, establish a list of your relevant skills and consider how your experiences and abilities might contribute to the department's and company's overall goals. Because your responses will be limited, you should select the most positive and pertinent facts to give during the interview.

Prepare to follow up following the interview.


You should plan to follow up with the employer after your interview. This serves to remind the employer of your conversation, demonstrate your genuine interest in the position, and allow you to bring up any points you may have overlooked.

When writing a follow-up note, consider the following steps:

Book consultation

Steps to Prepare For Booking A Career Consultation:

Step 1:

Determine what your needs are and how much help you'll need then check your schedule and compare it to ours and choose the time and day that works best for you.

Book your consultation and pay the consultation fee.        (If applicable)

Step 2:

Gather any info or materials you may need to prepare for our upcoming consultation and DOWNLOAD ZOOM to your smartphone or computer. Also, submit your current resume and cover letter in the drop box below 

Step 3:

RELAX…! You are now BOOKED! 😁 Yay! Congrats on taking your first step in your career journey.

Step 4:

Consultation Day🥳!!!

The BIG day has arrived! You will receive an email/text with a link to join our zoom call. 

Please join the call on time and DO NOT join the call more than 5 minutes early. 

Step 5:


If you are just needing a resume or cover letter revamp and do not wish to book a career prep consultation, scroll past the career prep consultation. 

Revamp Resume & Cover Letters Inquiry

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