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Who Is She? Who Is Her?

Updated: May 5, 2022

📣 Mmmmm….(clears throat)….

Allow Me To Introduce Myself‼️

My name is Simone Mcfarlane and I’m the proud owner of Glamour Tag Consultation Services, LLC. We specialize in a wide range of personal and business needs. We offer notarization of general and loan documents, officiate weddings, website design, business marketing products, career assistance, document preparation/print and let's not forget we are a full travel agency as well✈️🌎🏝. What does that mean for you? It means we are the Walmart of the consultation biz lol. Ever since I was little girl always knew that I wanted to own my own everything including a business, that’s why after 2 years of changing majors I decided that Business Management and Supervision was for me and made perfect since. In January 2018 I decided that I was going to enroll back in school and finish my degree so I can get the foundation of being a business owner and learning how to operate a business. Three years later I finished my Associates in Liberal Arts and my Bachelors in Business Management and Supervision. That same year I started my first business Simone's House of Travel, LLC and that really changed my life FOREVER 🥰. I started traveling more and getting over my fear of planes and leaving my hometown of Lakeland, FL. I went to over 25 states in a year and a half. I also got my first opportunity to be surrounded by successful people who went through the same struggles I did and they MADE IT 🥰❤️ THAT’S WHEN IT CLICKED FOR ME. This is it and I have to be apart of this so I DOVE in and planted my feet dead center and attended meetings, conferences, zoom calls and anything I could. I wanted as many people as possible to know the name Simone Mcfarlane and it worked other travel agents started coming to me for advice on their business and needing my help and then we started bouncing ideas off each other and flourishing each other’s businesses and it was a beautiful thing🥰. A year later my dear friend Oris told me about becoming a notary and a few weeks later i took that course along with a loan signing agent course, and remote online notary course and became a Certified Notary Public and then I started Glamour Tag Consultation Services, LLC formerly known as Written’N Ink and offer all of our services together and also bring back my old services of website design, writing skills and graphic design. I decided to cater to a particular mindset of people✨.


People who’s drive is just like mines, people who wanted more in life and got tired of waiting for it to be handed to them so they TOOK CHARGE OF THEIR LIFE AND MADE CHANGES. I did all of this while raising 3 beautiful children who are now 17,15, and 10 and working 50+ hours a week as a independent licensed claims adjuster. My kids melt my heart because they are so much like their dads and myself. They are some go getters lol and they will do what’s necessary to get the things they want and need. My 17 year old works at a popular theme park and my daughter works in my business full time while in high school and taking college classes along with her best friend. I’m such a proud mommy 🥰 and I thank God for my children everyday and also the foundation I had growing up as a child. The experiences I’ve had my 34 years on this planet have molded me into the person I am today. I AM STRONG 💪🏾. I AM DETERMINED 👩🏽‍💼. I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS 🤩. I AM HER 💁🏾‍♀️

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