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Start Your Very Own Travel Agency

Do you love to travel or want to travel more? Are you looking for additional streams of income? Do you know people who like to travel? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is for you? Don't worry we train you!

What's GLAM Story?

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Simone holding up Bohemian money

How We Started Our GLAM Travel Agency

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to travel the world but due to my parents financial situation, it wasn't possible. We would take road trips to Georgia and Alabama to see my mother's family. At a young age I was exposed to international travel when we would go to Montego Bay, Jamaica to see my paternal grandparents. As I got older and started having my own children, I knew that I wanted to expose them to traveling and that there's more to life than Polk County, FL. In 2019 a friend a mine introduced the idea of being a travel agent and after contemplating it for a year I decided to make the move and start my own travel agency. December 9, 2020 Simone's House of Travel was created and the first year and a half was so amazing. I traveled to over 26 states, 1 county and took my first 5 day cruise. My children also got to travel to some of these places with me experience new experiences. In 2023, my daughter and I traveled on a 14 day cruise and went to 5 countries and visited NYC for the 3rd time. Becoming an independent travel agent was one of the best decisions of my life. If you are looking to travel more, save more, and earn more, then this is for you.


What are the benefits of being a travel agent?


Will I receive training?

How do I build quotes or get in contact with travel vendors?


I don't have social media training or know how to talk to people.

Being a travel agent provides you to incredible savings, unbeatable rates, exclusive information, and special deals. Furthermore, you are paid on a commission basis as a travel agent.

Yes, there is self-paced training and continuing support from your sponsor(me) to help you understand how to run your travel business. There are over 70k men and women that also took the leap and started their own travel agency. We are a team and we support one another.

As soon as you start your travel agency, you can register with our top vendors. There will be no additional fees, but there may be some criteria that must be followed in order to accepted by certain vendors.

As part of your InteleTravel affiliation, we will teach you how to find and connect with potential clients. We also teach you how to use social media and grow your following. 

If you would like to listen to a live session, download zoom on your smart device and use the information provided in the flyer below to join a LIVE session! Once you have attended a live session, please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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Let Us Introduce You To The World Of Traveling As An Insider

PlanNet Marketing's product is Inteletravel. Individuals who want to become travel agents will be affiliated with Inteletravel as host agency. In order to sign up as an independent travel agent you need to become a PlanNet Marketing Rep or have a PlanNet Marketing Rep introduce you to the business. Inteletravel offers the best opportunity to enter the travel industry. Inteletravel has travel industry credibility and a 25 year track record. Majority of the travel agents associated with Inteletravel are also PlanNet Marketing reps. 

You can also contact PlanNet Marketing customer service for information on becoming a travel agent.


E-mail for any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in joining both businesses, please click here to contact me directly before you begin.

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